Kodi Shortcut on the Fire TV Home Screen

Posted: June 7, 2015 in Fire TV
Get a Kodi Shortcut on the Home Screen and/or Boot straight into Kodi

As we have seen before, accessing and starting Kodi is not exactly user friendly and a shortcut on the home screen would have been nice. Unfortunately, Amazon decided to not help you with that. However, there is a trick for this and AdbFire helps us with that … with a little help from an App called “Llama” but you don’t need to worry about that one, AdbFire can install it automatically for you.

In essence we would install an app that we can hijack and abuse, so instead of showing and starting the app, it will show a Kodi icon and start Kodi. The commonly used app for this is called “Ikono TV“, which is actually a nice app that keeps displaying art – well if you’re into that anyway. An alternative apps will work too and it seems some users use (untested) “Classic TV“, but I didn’t find any support for that in AdbFire.

First we need to get the “Ikono TV” app. To get this installed, go to Amazon.com and login with your account information.

Next you’ll either type “ikono TV” in the search box or click this link to the product page.

On the far right of the product page, select you Amazon Fire TV from the drop down and click the “Get now with 1-click” button. Amazon will push the app to your Amazon Fire TV. You can verify this after a few seconds in the Home Screen, under “Apps”   “Your Apps Library“. If you’d like, you can test the app, but it’s not required.

Next step is to start AdbFire and Connect to your Amazon Fire TV, as we did before.

Next click the “Llama options” button and you’ll see a window like this:

ADBFire - Llama Options

Make your selections, in my case:

      • Install Llama
      • Link Kodi to ikonoTV
      • Replace ikonoTV icon with Kodi icon

Up to you if you want to make a different selection, like booting the Amazon Fire TV straight to Kodi (an option once you get more familiar with Kodi). When done making your changes, click “OK“.

Note: It could be that some options need root priviliges, in other words: a rooted Amazon Fire TV (see below).

AdbFire will now apply the requested changes and report that it’s finished (takes a few seconds).
Click “OK” to complete.

Back at your Amazon Fire TV:

      1. Select “Settings”   “Applications”   Llama”   “Launch Application” to start Llama.
      2. In Llama,go to the icon in the lower left corner and select it.ADBFire Import Button
      3. From the upcoming list select “Import/Export Data“.
      4. From the next list select “Import from USB storage“.
      5. In the dialog select “OK” and you’ll jump out of Llama with the message that the import was completed.

If Llama import fails: Manual setting Llama … 

If import fails, then you can do this also manually as follows:

  1. “Events” (scroll right), and select the “+” button at the bottom (click “down”, “right”).
  2. On the next page, click the “Add Condition” button (click 4x “down”), where we select “Active application“.
  3. In the popup window select “Choose an app” and choose “IkonoTV” and click “OK“.
  4. Next, select the “Add Action” button (bottom right) and select “Run Application” and choose “Kodi“.

Effectively this will start Kodi automatically after you started ikono TV.

Prevent the “other” app from running … 

I’ve noticed that ikono TV pops up when exiting Kodi, so I’ve added the following steps to kill ikono TV after starting Kodi. Still in the same Llama screen:

  1. Click “Add Action” again, and this time select “Kill Application“.
  2. A warning appears that this might not work, click “Okey Doke!” (however it seems to work just fine).
  3. Next select the “IkonoTV” app from the list, scroll all the way down and select “Okey Doke!” again.

When done with all of this, press the “Return” key on your remote until you’re back in the Amazon Fire TV Home Screen.

Go to the ikonoTV app and start it – Kodi will start immediately and closing Kodi will bring you, without issues, straight back to the home screen.

All credits to : http://www.tweaking4all.com/home-theatre/xbmc/kodi-on-amazon-fire-tv/


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